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  • Dave Kinzer

Affordable Christmas Gifts For People Who Have Everything

(This post lists gifts intended for adults. If you need gift ideas for kids, click HERE.)

We’ve all got someone we know and love who doesn’t truly need anything, but it would be a travesty to not give them a Christmas gift. So what to do?

First of all, don’t break the bank. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune. There are plenty of fun, unique, and affordable gifts out there. You just have to keep looking.

And today, I did the looking for you. Here are some unusual gifts that hopefully someone on your list would like.

Some of these gifts may strike you as a little weird, but they’re not outlandish. I won’t even mention, for instance, the hollow and transparent Christmas ornaments that are intended to be filled with liquor for emergency purposes. And I definitely won’t tell you about the Galactic Mood Ring Toilet Seat that changes color to tell you what kind of mood you’re in after you’re finished doing your business.

No, the gifts I’ll tell you about are much more useful, but they’re still offbeat and interesting.

Prices at Amazon often change, so I haven't listed the exact price. They are all currently priced under $30 though, so purchasing them won’t bust your budget. Clicking on the images and links below will allow you to take a closer look at each item at Amazon, where you can read reviews, check each product's ranking, and see the exact cost. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

For your loved one who just has to put hot sauce on everything, get him a Tabasco sauce keychain. You get a miniature bottle of Tabasco sauce, a silicone carrying case, and an aluminum carabiner clip. It would be a great stocking stuffer.

Fair warning- this bottle is tiny. Like, really tiny. It holds 1/8th of an ounce of Tabasco sauce. The reviews state this is enough for basically one meal. So in other words, it's the perfect size. After all, you wouldn't really want to lug around a full-size bottle of Tabasco that was attached to your keys would you? Actually, I bet some of you would like that...

But anyway, with this size, you can use it up, then refill it and have it at the ready for your next meal.

I bet you can think of someone in your life who would love this.

Another slightly ridiculous, yet fun item is the Yoda metal bookend. This is a black L-shaped stainless steel bookend you could put anywhere in your office or on a bookshelf to hold your books in place. The bookend is shaped like a backwards L that leans towards a serious looking Yoda, who is extending his arm towards the books. It creates the illusion that he is holding the books up with the Force.

Doesn't every Star Wars fan need something like this?

If you’re buying for someone who is more into comic books, there are two other very similar products where it looks like the books are being held up by a flying superhero.

Do you have a cook in your life who seems to have every kitchen gadget imaginable? I bet he doesn’t have a cutting board in the shape of his home state.

A company called Totally Bamboo makes cutting boards out of bamboo for every state. In addition to being made in the shape of the state, they also have artwork appropriate for each state engraved on it.

For example, Illinois’ cutting board has the major highways, cities, and various landmarks etched into the bamboo. You’ll find important symbols as well, such as the capitol building, the state flower and bird, and Abraham Lincoln.

This is the most expensive gift on this list, but honestly, I doubt you'll find a better looking cutting board anywhere.

If you enjoy giving ornaments to others every year, it should be obvious what kind of ornament best represents 2020: A Grinch ornament.

There are several versions of this ornament available. Most of them involve some variation of the phrase “2020: stink, stank, stunk”, with the Grinch’s hand sneaking in from the side holding a mask.

Let’s face it- I think we’re all tired of crying about how awful 2020 was, so why not laugh about it?

As always, try to find these products locally before ordering from Amazon or another online business.

Trying to find a gift for the person who has everything can be tough, but you should be able to find a unique gift for him or her without having to spend too much money. I hope this list made your Christmas shopping a little easier.

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