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Five Free COVID-19 Deals

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

(Would you rather listen to this post? Visit my podcast page and listen to episode #2. It's a podcast version of this post with expanded info.)

With stress and anxiety skyrocketing due to the Coronavirus crisis, it’s great to hear good news, especially when it affects our pocketbook. According to a recent USAToday article, since people are driving less now, 82% of auto insurance companies are voluntarily refunding a portion of the premiums to their customers. Very cool. But that’s not all. A number of companies have greatly reduced their product and service prices in response to the crisis. Some companies are even giving away their products for free.

• Those of you going nuts because you can’t go to the gym should like this one. Peloton has extended its free trial to 90 days if you sign up by April 30. Initially known only for their cycling classes, Peloton offers a variety of other streaming fitness apps, such as yoga, strength training, running, and bootcamp. If the cost of their pricey indoor bicycle has discouraged you from trying it, don’t worry- it’s not required to use Peloton’s app. Click HERE to read about the offer at Peloton's website. • Need something for the kids? Amazon has made all of their Audible Stories for Kids free. Audible Stories are audio books for kids available in six different languages. The website’s front page lists such books as the Harry Potter series, Anne of Green Gables, Winnie the Pooh, and books by R.L. Stine. The cool thing is that you don’t have to download any app. You just go to the website, choose a book, and start listening. You don’t even need to sign in. When I tried it, it took me about ten seconds to start listening to a C.S. Lewis book. Amazon says Audible Stories will be free “for as long as schools are closed”. • Those of you determined to come out of quarantine with a new skill have a great opportunity to learn an instrument. Fender, the longtime instrument maker, is extending their free trial period for online lessons to 90 days for the first one million people to sign up. You’ll get dozens of videos, exercises, and songs to help you learn the guitar, bass guitar, or ukulele. I’ve tried a couple dozen ukulele lessons, and am impressed. It’s well-paced and perfect for beginners. If you already have experience with your chosen instrument, you can skip ahead to a lesson that challenges you. Go to to sign up and choose your instrument. • Health care workers can get a free standard oil change and enhanced cleaning service at select Mazda dealers. You do not have to drive a Mazda to participate. The article on their website did not say how long this deal would last, but it did say they would invest a minimum of five million dollars in this offer. Visit Mazda's website for more information. • Sam’s Club is offering health care workers and first responders a chance to shop during “Hero Hours” every Sunday from 8am-10am. No membership will be required. Sam’s normally charges $45 for a yearly membership, so this is a great opportunity. I applaud these companies for trying to ease the financial burden many people are feeling during this time. Hopefully, you can take advantage of some or all of these offers.

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